Saturday, February 14, 2015

Command Line to Find Dell Service Tag HP Serial Number

Command Line to Find Dell Service Tag HP Serial Number

A standard command line window can be used to find a Dell service tag. BCM command line utilities do not have to be installed, neither does DRAC or iDRAC have to be configured or even enabled. It is accomplished using Windows Management built-in functionality. 

Desktops or Servers Service Tag or Serial Number

On an HP system, the serial number can be easily retrieved by starting a command prompt and entering or typing in : WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER  (the command can be upper or lower case). On  Dell system, PC or server,  the same command line will return the service tag of the system for the serial number. 

Command line to get the serial number or service tag of a white-box computer 

On  a "white-box" system you might get the serial number if it has been entered into the field which is queried by the command line to determine the service tag or serial number of the system.  Commonly however, when trying to acquire the serial number using Windows Management the results "To Be Filled by O.E.M." . 

Linux Command line to get the Dell service tag or HP serial number

The ability toe retrieve the service tag or serial number of a system is not limited to Windows operating systems. It is also possible on Linux based systems. On Cent OS or Red Hat Linux for example, the following command line utility can be executed to retrieve the serial number or Dell service tag.

Command To Find Out Dell Service Tag

      # dmidecode | grep -i serial      
      # dmidecode -t 1

You may have to install DMIDECODE first if it is not available. 
This can be done by executing the following: 
# yum -y install dmidecode