Friday, January 11, 2008

Acronis Disk Director 10 - My Review and Opinion

Acronis Disk Director 10

Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 combines several other previous Acronis disk management tools into a single solution:

Partition Manager allows you to move, resize, copy, merge, and split partitions without losing valuable data.

Boot Manager is a utility software to create a multi-boot environement. It allows you to install multiple operating systems on your computer PC.

Partition Recovery allows you to recover accidentally deleted or lost drive partitions.
Disk Editor is a repair tool for disk drives. It allows you to perform advanced hard disk operations, such as restoring boot records and hexadecimal editing.

I had the opportunity to actually see Acronis® Disk Director Suite 10.0 in action. It was simply amazing as I watched a partition get re-sized almost instantly. what would have taken several hours to complete by reinstalling the operating system then also installing the applications on the computer to get to the same point.

It was the easiest and most convenient partition manager and hard disk toolkit I've seen. I thought partition Magic was a great partitioning software, Acronis made partition magic look child like in it's ease of use and the way it did not falter at all.

With the creation of this suite of disk utilities, Acronis brings together the most popular boot disk manager, partition recovery tools, and disk management functions in one installation package. I thought it was a great product and would recommend it to anyone who needs to resize a partition and it could do a whole lot more.