Friday, March 20, 2015

CentOS 6 Auto Starting Apache httpd Start at Boot

CentOS Auto Starting Apache httpd Automatic Start with System

In the example shown in the image below, Cent OS was accessed through an SSH connection utilizing Putty.

In the image below, the same process or procedure to set Apache httpd to automatically start with the system was done using a VMware console access via vSphere Client.

Auto-start Apache httpd service at boot time 

 The process and steps are simple and straight forward.

Let's look for the status of httpd to see whether is is setup to auto-start with the system during reboot , restarts, etc.
1. Run the command chkconfig --list | grep http  .
       For the output, you will see a series of OFF settings as shown in the accompanying images.

2.  Run the command chkconfig httpd on 
        There is no output to this command.
          If completed successful, ie. no errors, the command prompt is returned on the next line.

3. Run the command from step 1 again to confirm,  chkconfig --list | grep http

      In step 1 we saw a series of OFFs, after set to on we see ONs instead


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Anonymous said...

Autostart is a great feature to add to any install. I add it to all my deployments.

Microsoft Tech MSP said...

The settings in this post and the description for solving are similar for other Linux operating systems. I am a Microsoft engineer but always maintained Linux based systems in addition to providing support for Microsoft desktops and servers. I mostly have Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu as guest virtual machines. I believe cent os desktop options are very usefull and robust. The UI is easy to use. Suppirt is also easy to get with knowledge bases and forums.